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"Build digital Spaces for your distributed team to make virtual interactions more human."


Gather is a video chat platform platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. Combining video-calling with 2D maps, it lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking around just as they would in real life.


Gather is building the Metaverse, a virtual layer over the physical world where people
can work, socialize, and learn.

What Is Gather?
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Some useful functions that is good to know for a new user coming in to a Gather space! From how to navigate, interact with objects, getting through a crowd and other helpful tips and tricks.

  • Click with the mouse, use WASD, or ARROW keys to navigate

  • Press X to interact with object, escape will close most objects

  • Stuck between people? Press and hold G to jump through people

  • Press Z to dance!

  • Click a participant's name to follow or locate. A guiding line will light the way when locating someone.

  • Lost? Click your name, then "respawn" to return to the spawn/starting area.

  • Use the "Raise hand" or press H to ask a question. This will remain up until pressed again.

  • Try and keep your mic and camera on. You can always mute others or adjust their volume by clicking their window (camera).

  • Music too loud? Adjust the SFX volume level for all in-map sounds in your settings.

  • Ready to leave? Just close the tab on your browser!

Want extra help? Then you can always visit Gathers Help Page for more in depth information.

Tips And Tricks
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